Our unique technological backgroud provides us with a competitive advantage – we operate for example laser cutting by MotionCutter or digital offset printing machine HP Indigo 12000.

Our unique technological backgroud provides us with a competitive advantage – we operate for example laser cutting by MotionCutter or digital offset printing machine HP Indigo 12000 allowing us to print digitally in B2 format and further the technologies soft bindig PUR, TWIN binder in both 3:1 and 2:1 formats, etc.


HP Indigo 12000

We print on a unique machine HP Indigo, which allows us to print in B2 or B2+ format

  • Very high quality of print on common offset papers with no effect of glossy effect , which is very common for typical digital printing machines,
  • Very favorable price in case of partially colored prints for products with TWIN or soft binding,
  • Very favorable price for single colored prints from all processor colors CMYK,
  • Very favorable price for two colored prints from all process CMYK colors,
  • personalized high volume prints,
  • The HP Indigo machine makes it possible to print very precisely (with the tollerance of max 0.2 mm). This is very important especially in case of  printed materials with various bindings or spot varnishing such as die cutting,
  • HP Indigo prints without a negative impact on paper shrugging

KBA Rapida 75-5

Higher volume prints are carried out on five color full automated machine KBA RAPIDA 75.

Both color printing machines are set to the correct color range in accordance with O 12647-2:2004/Amd.1:2007 standard.

This machine, combined to HP indigo allows us to produce higher amounts of personalized prints with variable data. Do you need entrance tickets or discount cupons each one with an individual barcode or numeric record? Absolutely no problem for us. As we also have the five color machine a tour disposal, we also print additional pantone colors in very high quality.

XEROX Versant 80

This machine we operate for smaller volume prints such as business cards, leaflets, etc.

Adast 827P

The one-color printed materials are produced on the up-to-date machine ADAST 827P equipped with a perfector, which makes it possible for us to print black and white prints on the top quality for the best price.


We dispose with a large scale of technologies for final treatment of various printed materials, some of them pretty unique such as the technology of the laser cuting called MotionCutter.

Laser cuting – Motion Cutter

It is a unique technology with an automatic feeder for cutting of sheets. It produces 200 – 800 sheets per hour. No cutting forms is needed, the cut is literally tailor-made. The machine makes it possible to cut mild curves, which cannot be achieved neither by standard die cutting or nor by a plotter cutting. By applying such cutting operation, the effect of burned far side of the paper is nearly suppressed. We cut materials 300g-350g also laminated.

This machine is suitable for producing various boxes, paper cards, labels etc.

Plotter cutting -  Kongsberg

It is a top quality plotter for the production of smaller amounts of printed material. It standardly produces stickers and other products that need also creasing during the course of production – for example parking clocks, folding cards with cutting, etc.


We provide standard saddle stich bindings also with square spine (suitable for brochures with more pages).

The soft glued binding is carried out on a new machine Horizon BQ280 wit PUR technology gluing.

We are able to provide Twin binding of various notebooks, calendars various size (table, walls) in 3:1 and 2:1 formates (for more pages).


Cutting is one of the basics operations when making a multiple page brochure. We work on two top Wohlenberg cutters and a DUPLO DC 646 digital machine, able to perform cuts with 0,2 mm tolerance.


We have three folding machines. They are there for folding of various types of leaflets and brochures including parallel fold minimum size 35mm. We also operate a machine able to fold high volume of paper (including the creasing)


Among others finoshing operations are lamination, die cutting, drilling, etc

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