Our printing house focuses on production of more complex products. Always at favorable prices we are ready to supply unconventional products such as books with cover Canvas sheet, etc

Products for further commercializing are the most important part of our product range. These are mostly:

  • Practical products – business cards, special shaped business cards , headletters, pricelists notebooks, etc.
  • Promotional products  - catalogues, leaflets, Christmas cards, calendars, etc.
  • Functional products such as paper boxes, files, etiquettes, entrance tickets, lottery tickets, leaflet stands, paper parking clocks etc.

Our highest added value products:

  • Catalogues woth varios types of binding
  • personalized printed material incl. ean codes
  • print enhancement such as lamination surface, spot varnish, engravement

We are ready to communicate actively in searching the  most optimal solution as far as the function, aestethic characteristics and cost-effective price.

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